Unlike our name, we focus on professionalism and effective strategy for small businesses, individuals, and startups. We offer the big agency feel without the big agency price.


Why small business?


We could consistently pursue lucrative accounts, but it is exciting to see our clients progress as a result of our work. Not to mention that at the end of the day we are considered a small business and like many small businesses we began with nothing and understand how difficult it is to generate something out of thin air.


Looking back at the many startups we were involved in prior to founding Naughty Copy, we truly wish we had someone to guide us through the minefield of obstacles, so we would come out looking like professionals from the start. Instead, we made financially costly & time-consuming mistakes that could have been avoided altogether had we had the proper guidance.


Today, we help startups & small businesses focus on what they are good at, while we focus on getting their business operational or to the next level.


We believe in what is effective over what is beautiful, what is logical over what is creative, and what is psychologically/emotionally sound over what is anecdotally desirable. We value data, analysis, and research above all else, but understand the importance, purpose, and implementation of both creativity & aesthetics in relation to the goals & objectives of a business.


Our Name: Naughty Copy Advertising

Our Tagline: “Is your business naughty or nice?”

Our Mission: “Developing & growing small businesses, individuals, and startups through effective marketing and advertising. “