1) Cost (lower cost)

2) Time (less time)

3) Writing Skils and/or Concept Skills
• Articles/Blog Post

• Fiction

• Non-Fiction

• Scripts

• Speeches

• Social Media

• Newsletters

• Other (let us know what your needs are)
$60 per hour or by the project.

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Ghost Writing Options:
Our words & ideas

•`Your Ideas & our words

Our ideas & your words
A ghostwriter is used for one or more reasons:
Contrary to popular belief the vast majority of writing both online and in print is ghostwritten. It makes sense for both business owners & individuals to focus on what they are good and let someone else handle what they are not good at it. However, it is not uncommon for our clients to be excellent writers, yet feel their time is more productive spent elsewhere thus delegating the task to someone else becomes the smart choice.
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