Social Media
Marketing via social media equalizes the playing field for small businesses and individuals allowing small business to advertise effectively on a small  budget. It is an invaluable marketing tool.

The downside to marketing via social media is that it is a doubled edged sword that can increase business as quickly it can decrease business.It is a 2-way street that allows the public to interact with you on an a quasi open forum. In other words, you must post messages/content carefully and always interact with the public in a diplomatic manner, your bottom line depends on it.

The key to effective social media is understanding how to use the platform and putting out top quality content. As a result, if you are new to social media or your social media needs a boost we can guide you on how to effectively use social media or create top quality content that you can use.
$60 per hour or by project.

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• Social Media Tutorials

• Account Setup and or editing/redesign

• Individual marketing pieces or entire campaigns.

• Account Management

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