Process (length of coaching is determined by how quickly the individual progresses):
• Initial Meeting: Analysis of the situation and individual

• Analysis Report: report detailing strengths and weaknesses of the individual.

• Customized program tailored to the individual
The program is tailored to focus on the
  individual's weaknesses: we take a hands-on approach
  to overcoming weaknesses, but more importantly
  understanding how to overcome them. Minimum
  weekly contact with your coach is required.*

• Progress Report:
We will let you know where you
   stand in terms of meeting your goals.

• Analysis Report:
We reassess the situation and
   individual and adjust the program accordingly.

• Coaching Continued:
We will implement the adjusted   
   program to meet the individual's or group's

• Final Report:
The final report will contain a brief analysis 
   and final progress report. We will also create  a
   self-managed program that will help the individual
   maintain their progress/goals.
Coaching: Sales
Our coaching takes a psychological approach to improving sales numbers. We focus on the individual sales person's or manager's strengths and weaknesses and enable them to identity how they can improve their skills and adapt to the situation.
Customized program tailored to the individual may include:
• Confidence/Conquering Fear

• Professionalism

• Scripts

• Identifying & understanding your weaknesses

• Improving and/or eliminating your weaknesses

• Follow-up

• Sales Pitch

• In Person Communication/Sales Pitch

• Follow-up

• Effective Communication Skills

• Effective Writing Skills

• Adapting To Change

• Understanding Your Market

•  Learning How To Analyze The Situation

• Problem Solving

• Overcoming Objections

• Setting Yourself Apart From The Competition

• Understanding and Learning Technology

• Effectively Using Technology

• Sales Program Strategy (creation & Implementation)

• Handling Rejection

• Relationship Management

• Low Drive or Self Esteem

• Understanding And Using Marketing Effectively

• Responding To Difficult Situation

• Listening Skills

• Empathy (identifying with customers/clients)

• Charisma

• Preparation

• Persistence/Resilience

• Time Management

• Creating A Competitive Advantage

• Self Awareness (managing your behavior and emotions)

$60 per hour or by project.

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Customized program tailored to the individual
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