Marketing is defined as: planning, strategy, and implementation/execution of several business activities to present products or services as desirable.
The purpose of marketing is to facilitate the meeting of both buyers and sellers but is also a vital part of acquiring new business. At its very essence marketing is the promoting of a service or product. Effective marketing will not only bring in new business but will also help facilitate sales. Marketing is not sales, and it is not advertising. They differ in so far that advertising is the creation of an ad or brand and sales is the actual selling of goods or services. Marketing in this sense would be the promotion of an advertisement. In other words, if you promote your website via social media or send out flyers via mail you are involved in the activity of marketing.
Target Audience
Your target audience is comprised of the people/demographic that is most likely to purchase your product or service. For example, if you are selling cars you want to make sure you are targeting people old enough to drive and not people under the legal driving age.
Selecting the appropriate channel
Selecting the appropriate medium is also very important. For example, if you are targeting an older demographic they are more likely to read the newspaper or watch late night television than they are to see a digital ad, so it would be smart to advertise in the newspaper instead of mobile.
Selecting the correct content to market
High-quality original content will always be the most effective because it is your content, which makes you look like an expert and it can be branded/watermarked thus leading readers back to you.

Curated content or reposted content is not quite as good. Most people can tell it's not your content, but it keeps them up to date on relevant information if done correctly.

While the cost and time of original content are higher than curated content it will always outperform curated content.
Marketing Quality Content
While bad marketing is sometimes better than no marketing, it can also damage your brand and provide you with minimum returns on your investment. The key to successful marketing is marketing quality ads. Therefore take the time and spend/invest resources into creating excellent ads that are successfully marketed. This can be something as small as having high quality, and unique premium business cards instead of generic or simple starter business cards. After all, your advertising and marketing efforts are a reflection of your business/brand. 
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