Management Consulting:
1) Initial Meeting:
2) Analysis:
3) Strategy:
4) Implementation (optional):
5) Post Consult:
6) Follow Up:
Learning about your business & your goals is crucial to framing our analysis. We'll learn about your products, services, brand, story, and your vision for your business.
Our goal is to improve the efficiency & performance of your business. We begin with an initial meeting in order to learn about your business & goals. We will then analyze your business in relation to your  goals and create a written strategy to meet your goals. As an option it is not uncommon for us to implement and execute a course of action on behalf of our client(s).
Assessing your business is the most critical part of our process. We will analyze several aspects of your business and evaluate both your strengths and weaknesses and how they factor into your goals. Most importantly as an independent party, our analysis is objective and can be relied on to make future business decisions.
Developing a strategy or plan of action based on our analysis is crucial to improving and growing your business. Our goal is to reduce cost, increase efficiency/productivity, and increase revenue/sales. We will develop plans and/or strategies tailored to your business that will achieve these goals. 
Sometimes our guidance or skill set is required to implement a plan or strategy, and we will be there throughout the process until you or your staff can manage it on your own. 
We will make our recommendations, suggestions, and provide a course of action. We will also answer any questions or concerns you have and review both our analysis, strategy, and if applicable the plan of action with you.
We take pride in our work and will check in with you & your business and offer post support or guidance if necessary.
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