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• Initial meeting: analyzing the situation & gathering

• Assessing the individual or group of individuals.

• Creation of a customized coaching program
   tailored to the individual/group.

• Implementation of the customized program tailored  

The program is tailored to focus on the
   individual's weaknesses: we take a hands on
   approach to overcoming weaknesses, but more
   importantly understanding how to overcome them.
   Minimum weekly contact with your coach is 

• Progress report:
We will let you know where you
   stand in terms of meeting your goals.

• Analysis Report:
We reassess the situation and
   individual and adjust the program accordingly.

• Coaching Continued:
We will implement the
   adjusted program to meet the individual's or
   group's goals.

• Final Report:
The final report will contain a brief
  analysis and final progress report. We will also create a
  self-managed program that will help you maintain your
Professionalism: Coaching
Many individuals and businesses undervalue professionalism and often don't take the time to cultivate it as an asset. While professionalism should be a cornerstone of every business, it is generally an afterthought, because businesses and individuals don't see the immediate results, financial gain, or the overall value.

As a result, many businesses and individuals lack professionalism, and in today's market, every business requires a competitive edge that not only fosters customer loyalty but also builds your brand's image and your overall reputation.

Our coaching program is tailored to the individual or group of individuals with a focus on communication and behavior.
Our Coaching Program May Include all, a combination, or one of the following (we focus on communication):

       • Communication/Writing*

       • Expertise

       • Accountability

       • Honesty & Integrity Relative To Strategy

       • Punctuality

       • Formality

       • Business Faux Pas

       • Etiquette

       • Response

       • Reputation

       • Appearance
$60 per hour or by project.

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to the individual.