Public Relations
Public relations at its core is reputation management. Although many marketers, agencies, and individuals use the term loosely; it is not simply: SEO, media relations, newsletters, media tours, special events, speaking engagements, or community relations. These items are in fact the tools used within the public relation's toolbox. Moreover, it should be noted that public relations focuses on how & what information is disseminated in terms of reputation management.


Public relations differs from other forms of advertising because it sells as a byproduct of exposure making it both unique and beneficial. Furthermore, it is possible that your PR efforts may be picked up by more than one company and distributed through one or more distribution channel.  The added benefit is that the media is considered a credible source as they are an independent third party, which is suppose to be unbiased in their assessment of the business, product, or service.

With good PR you will benefit from increased awareness of your brand, product, service, or reputation, which in turn creates greater interest and places your business at the forefront of both current customers & potential customers'  minds.


The disadvantage of public relations is not having direct control of the story. As a result, there is an inherent risk that the story you construct is distorted, bumped, never mentioned, or cast in a negative light.

Reputation/Crisis Management

The most important of part public relations is, of course, guarding your reputation. For example, small business owners and individuals should search for negative comments/reviews from customers/clients and respond to them/rectify the situation both publicly and privately. In addition, note  the positive and continue to do what people commend you on. Finally always research thoroughly and know the facts before responding or taking action and remember that in times of crisis it is important to address the problem before it permanently damages your reputation.
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