Marketing Consulting:
Marketing is by far one of the most important aspects of any business. However, the marketing strategy put in place determines how the effective marketing efforts will be and how product(s), service(s), and brand will be promoted.

The medium in which you choose to market your advertisement(s) determines the audience that will see your ad(s). Your target audience matters because no matter what, certain demographics will be more likely to be converted to sales than others.

Your goal is to reach your target audience and effectively communicate the value your business or brand offers.
• Initial meeting: analyzing the situation & gathering information.

• On Site: learning & understanding the current
   marketing plan.

• Assessing the businesses needs and goals in
   relation to your marketing plan.

• Written analysis of your current sales programs.

• Post analysis consult.

• Follow-up.
• General Marketing Consulting

Additional Services:

• Market Research

• Marketing Plans

• Marketing Strategy

• Marketing Plan Analysis

• Individual Marketing Pieces

• Complete Marketing Campaigns
$60 per hour or by project.

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