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• Initial meeting: analyzing the situation, gathering information, understanding your concerns & goals.

• Learning & understanding your current business (often on site).

• Analyzing and studying your current business.

• Written analysis of your business's current state.

• Written strategy/plan to optimize your business.

• Post analysis consult

• Follow-up
Management Consulting:
Concerned that your business isn't quite up to par or want to verify that it is it up to par, we'll be glad to provide you with our service and let you know where you stand and if we can improve it.

Unlike other consultants we don't use jargon or big words to confuse you or add value to our service; we use plain English to effectively communicate our thoughts because we understand the challenges small businesses, new businesses, and start-ups face.

With our help, you can turn your business into a well-oiled machine that will leave your competitors in the dust.
$60 per hour or by project.

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• Analysis of Current Business

• Analysis & Development of new plans & strategies

• Complete: Analysis, Strategy, and Implementation

• Startups & New businesses