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Graphic design is visual communication through one or more components. These components may include photography, illustrations, typography, digital designs, etc.
Graphic Design:
1) Initial meeting: a quick phone call, meeting in person, or e-mail in order to establish contact.

2) Download/Complete Our Questionnaire: if necessary we will provide you with our relatively comprehensive questionnaire that will help you narrow down your design needs and guide us in designing your graphics.

3) Contract: generally speaking we only ask that we retain the right to display commissioned work in our portfolio (both digital and/or print). We will negotiate a contract before beginning any work.

3) Deposit: we accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. We must receive a deposit & signed contract before we begin working on your design.

4) Revisions: we include two revisions without additional cost.

5) Final Proof(s)/Payment: simply approve the final proof(s), complete your final payment, and we will prepare your files.

6) Digital Files:
Your digital files will be available for download for 30 days (we backup all of our work, but be sure to download all of your files within 30 days just in case).

- Logos starting at $200.

- $60 per hour or by project for graphics.

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1) Visual Identity: allows people to easily recognize and associate your logo, colors, and design scheme with your brand/business.

2) Credibility:
a high quality professionally designed logo and/or other material gives the impression that your brand is both trustworthy and credible, because you took the time, effort, and expense to invest in quality graphics. It also demonstrates that you appreciate and understand the value of quality. 

3) Visual Branding:
while words focus on the details of your brand, the visuals focus on the superficial aspect of your brand. An attractive looking brand is more likely to outperform its competitors and result in increased brand recognition.

4) Aesthetics:
visually appealing advertisements are more effective and have a higher chance to elicit the desired response.

5) Brand Recognition:
in terms of graphic design, this is how easily your brand is recognized based on its visual components, e.g., your logo or color scheme. Having brand recognition provides a positive impact through repeated exposure of your brand. In other words, it helps  further popularize your brand & as a byproduct creates interest for those not familiar with the brand.

6) Uniform Image:
this is vital in creating consistent advertisements that are easily recognizable and associated with your brand. The less time it takes for people to decipher your ads, the more time they spend actively engaged reading your ad, the higher the probability they will use your product/service in the future.

7) Effective Communication:
pulling your target audience into your advertisements is often more effective if there are visual stimuli that help to engage and retain the attention of the reader. Words alone rarely  keep the attention of the target audience.
Graphic design's purpose and importance are as follows:
Download/View Graphic Design Questionnaire:
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